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What is Life Town?

Life Town will be a campus comprised of businesses and educational opportunities for children and adults to learn life skills with a focus on supporting and educating people with disabilities or neurotypically developing children.

The purpose of Life Town is to prepare, educate, and train all individuals so they may become as independent as possible.

Education Center

The Life Town Education Center will be a facility on the Life Town campus that will provide hands on learning experiences for children, youth and adults. The facility will have a bank, barber shop, library and other business-like training components for participants to learn life skills associated with a business. The education center will also have specialized education rooms such as a sensory room to help children or adults address sensory needs. The facility will include training rooms which will be used to provide employment related life skills training with a focus on soft skills training. The Life Town Education Center will have front facing retail operating businesses that will employee people with disabilities trained through the employment training program. This partnership with local community businesses will provide a supported environment for people with disabilities to learn and achieve the skills necessary for success in career related environments.

The Education Center will provide day pass opportunities for any other local students, children and adults to come and learn skills such as: how to use debit card, how to write a check, how to purchase items and how to create a budget or meal plan.

The Life Town campus will include other businesses that support nurturing growth from infant to adult services. These businesses will be housed in other buildings on the campus.

Child Care

Progressive Child Care is a child care program that provides the highest level of care focusing on socialemotional development and pre-academic skills in our multi-disciplinary center. Our dedicated teachers provide care to infants, toddlers, two-year old’s and preschoolers (including VPK) to nurture a child’s ability to regulate their emotions and interact with other children with positive relationships. Our inclusive model caters to typically developing children as well as children with special needs. Assessments are performed to determine if early intervention services are necessary. Early intervention services such as therapies are available to children in the center, as needed.

School – The Learning Center

The Learning Center at Progressive is a private school offering unique educational opportunities for children in Kindergarten through 12th grade. The education focuses on the individual’s ability to succeed in academics and life learning skills. The school provides access to opportunities such as therapeutic interventions from Progressive Therapy Services and career preparation using the PAES (Practical Assessment Exploration System) program. PAES is a curriculum that operates in a simulated work environment. Students become employees and teachers become supervisors! Strict work procedures are followed so students get the feel of real work and at the same time learn and explore new career and vocational areas. Students will have access to the training programs at the Life Town Educational Center.


Progressive Therapy Services is an outpatient pediatric therapy facility. The Therapy Department offers physical, occupational, speech, music, and art therapies. Our therapists strive to be informed on the latest and most innovative techniques. A few specialty therapies offered include: Handwriting Without Tears ®, Therasuit ™ Therapy, Vital Stim, Therapeutic Listening, PROMPT, Talk Tools, Orthopedic related injuries and Neurodevelopmental Therapy. Therapy clients will have access to the Life Town Education Center to address therapy related goals.

Community Service Expansion

The Life Town campus will grow to serve the community in other ways. Recreational services and agricultural farming training programs are future phases that will be included on the Life Town campus.

Life Town will bring a cohesive approach to developing the lives of children, youth and adults in our community.


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